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Jon Schmidt Sculpture

"Creativity provides a balance for us to offset the struggles we naturally encounter as part of life”

"I took a stone sculpting class at Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle on a whim in the winter of 2008. The result created “This is a Hoot” and I started my love for stone carving".

"I describe the stone as having unique inner beauty and carving stone invites each piece to unveil that individual beauty. The enjoyment, discovery and education about the immense stresses, heat my movement that creates various types of stone over millions and even billions of years. This is what drives my creative process".

He endeavors to honor that creation through his touch, by bringing out the individual detail he envisions in his carving.
Jon lives on Fidalgo Island (Anacortes, WA) with his beloved cat Fred.
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The initial approach to the act of carving involves identifying a stone bearing a unique shape or a pattern of colors that inherently suggests forms suitable for sculpting. This approach grants the sculptor the freedom to embrace the inherent shapes concealed within the material. The characteristics of the stone itself play a pivotal role in guiding the trajectory of the sculpture's development.

Jon’s sculptures have won numerous awards throughout the years, the most notable of which include; Best of Show, Hanson-Scott Gallery, Seattle, WA (2012); 1st Place 3-D, CVG Statewide Art Competition, Bremerton, WA (2012); 1st Place in 3-D, Edmonds Arts Festival, Edmonds, WA (2016).

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